An HTML and CSS snippet is currently circulating, forcing iOS devices to reboot. 

The case is reminiscent of similar attacks via iMessage. For the exploit to expire, a user just has to click on the corresponding link, which reaches him or her via WhatsApp. Alternatively, it seems possible to send the code by e-mail and then crash the mail application and then the entire device because there is also a WebKit renderer in the mail client. On the other hand, it does not seem to be enough to send the link via iMessage - although a preview is also generated there. 

As always, users should avoid clicking on strange or unknown links. E-mails with the malicious code should already be deleted from the message preview. 

The bug, which the security researcher has discovered @pwnsdx - he works according to their own account at Wire in Berlin - could be stuck for some time in iOS. The background filter effect was first introduced in iOS 7. -