Actually, project management is just a special case of process management. And of course, everyone has processes under control, and so project management should actually work. Should ... The reality often looks different.

Project Management

There are many methodological approaches to how good project management should look. Many standards such as IPMA, Prince2, Hermes GPM, etc. Many companies have made one of these standards the corporate standard. This is a good first step, but the implementation is mostly patchy and / or not lived. We help you to efficiently implement projects from the initiation to the conclusion and thus ensure your success in the long term.

Project Assessment

Often many projects run simultaneously. Very often too many to perform successfully. Many projects fail because weak points in the project organization are not recognized or the project pressure is extremely high, and there is no time to analyze weak points and derive actions for effective project management. This is where our project assessment begins. We analyze your project organization and derive recommendations for action to make your project organization more efficient. Even small changes can have a big impact.

Project Office

Do you have big project, many projects at the same time or a high project turnover? Then you should think about a project office as a central contact point for all administrative tasks of projects. We help you with an effective set-up so that the project team can really take care of the project and projects within time & budget.

We could write a lot more here.

However, we believe that it is best to discuss and explain these complex issues in a personal conversation. We are convinced of the quality of our service and would like to convince and inspire you. Therefore, we always offer a free, personal initial consultation. Feel free to contact us!