The cloud is on everyone's lips. But what is it and what does it bring me? Before anyone cleverly marketed the term cloud, they simply called it network drive, and it's completely independent of where the physical memory actually stands. It has connected to a VPN in the corporate network. Even applications could be used from anywhere. Via web browser or native applications. But now, thank God, there is the cloud and everything will be fine.

But what does all this mean for companies that go to the cloud? The cloud is actually just a very clever business model. If you look at the whole company, which offers your applications, which you have previously purchased and installed on your own computers / servers, only as rental software in the cloud, via a browser. Absolute customer loyalty and the data are no longer stored on their own servers, but somewhere and of course secured. Here you already give the complete control to third parties.

Let's take a look at this scenario using the example of corporate accounting. Of course, it's great to just register, pay x € per month and you have an accounting in the web browser within minutes. Great! But have you considered giving absolute control to third party companies? Accounting in the cloud, from everywhere, data from outside companies, applications at external companies. Is there control over it? No. What if the company providing the accounting stretches its wings and the plug is pulled? You no longer have an accounting program and can not get to the data. Even if you have the data, somehow internally secured, so the application is no longer online to use them. Bad thought, right? And so it is with all business-critical applications & data, which one operates with third-party providers in the cloud. This must be classified as a business-critical risk.

I do not vandalize the cloud, but you should think very hard about how to use it. Only as a data sink or whether it is about running complete external applications and if so, which and with whom? It should also be remembered that there are very good ways to set up a cloud that you operate yourself and thus has full control over it.

Thomas Pajonk
CEO A2 Consulting GmbH

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