"Business consultants always wear black suits and can make a lot of paper black in no time." We hear this or similar statements again and again. However, business consulting is much more. Our credo is to secure and expand the success of our clients and to contribute our consulting services in a sustainable way. In doing so, we limit ourselves to the topics that we know and also know exactly where our strengths are and where our limits are.


We are the problem solvers. We analyze problems quickly and efficiently and show how they can be solved. In the sustainable implementation, we support our clients, even beyond the actual consulting framework. Your success is our goal.

Digitale Transformation

The buzzword of the "digital transformation" has been on everyone's lips for several years. However, this is not a one-time action, but a continuous change process that includes all areas of the business. We help you to design, implement and optimize these processes with individually designed, regular maturity assessments.


Agile is still associated with software development by humans. However, agile methodologies are just as well suited to topics such as Project management and process optimization / design. We have been dealing with this topic for many years already, when the term Agile did not even exist. Agile methodologies are not the miracle weapon that will solve all problems, but applied correctly, productivity and thus T2M can be significantly increased.


With the goal to increase motivation, quality and efficiency, the Gameification is an excellent tool. By transferring game principles & game thinking into a context that is not really related to games, a significant boost in productivity is generated, thus increasing the ROI. We help our clients to implement game theories in their business processes.

StartUp advice

Great idea, and now what? Entrepreneurs often face considerable hurdles in the implementation of their ideas in a resilient business model. We help you to succeed and not stumble unnecessarily over trivial hurdles. Our services go beyond classic advice. We also support you in the creation of CI / CD, online presences and marketing materials. Through our extensive network, we also provide you with contacts to potential partners. We also offer you a personal coaching. Because just like your product, you have to sell yourself, especially in the start-up phase. For investors, customers, partners and authorities.


Getting fast to a desired destination is the wish of all companies. Through our assessments in the areas of process optimization, project management, outsourcing, software evaluation and project calculations, we can quickly show our clients the status quo and derive recommendations for action. Of course, we are also happy to assist you with the implementation of the resulting recommendations for action and allow us to measure their success.

We could write a lot more here.

However, we believe that it is best to discuss and explain these complex issues in a personal conversation. We are convinced of the quality of our service and would like to convince and inspire you. Therefore, we always offer a free, personal initial consultation. Feel free to contact us!